Hello there adventurer, you seem to have found my website!

My name is David Krauthamer, but online I typically have a username that is some variation of Silent__Ninja346, which you can thank my 16-year-old self for…

Here’s a bit about me for those interested.


I am currently a 3/5 Electrical Engineer at Stevens Institute of Technology. The reason for the 3/5 is I’m a part of the co-op program, which means I’m on track for graduation in the Spring of 2024. I’m also planning to acquire a graduate certificate in Artificial Intelligence for Engineering.


You can find more info about these on the Interests page, but here are some of the things that I’m interested in.

  • Linux
  • PVE and Single Player Video Games
  • Tabletop Role Playing Games (Mainly DnD 5e)
  • Books (mainly sci-fi and fantasy)
  • Animated Shows

Places to find me