Caverns of Wintermoor (Python Version)

General Info

With my somewhat recent introduction to roguelike games, and needing to make a final project for EE551: Engineering Python at Stevens, I figured I’d try my hand at making a roguelike myself. Seeing as the class is teaching python, I went with the best documented roguelike engine I could find, libtcod, which conveniently has amazing python bindings. From the r/roguelikedev subreddit I found a very comprehensive tutorial detailing how to get off the ground and running with libtcod, which this project was largely based off of and expanded on.

Current State

As of now, I’ve halted working on the Python version of this game. I enjoy using Python, but have been itching to learn a systems level language (or at least something that compiles), and after playing with Rust for a couple of projects I decided I’d try porting what I’ve got here over to Rust.


Title Screen


Random Maps

Message History

Finding Items

Descending Down

Character Info